Yupeng Liu has an an astonishing story that emobodies the true Canadian business experience. While pursuing his MBA, opportunity struck the 26 year old from Ontario: as he explained to Canadian Business magazine:

“On a flight home from a vacation to New York, he saw an ad campaign from HSBC centred on the idea of living life without regret. “I didn’t want to say 10 years down the road, ‘You know, I had the opportunity to create my own company, but I didn’t do it,’” he says. So he scrapped his MBA plans and founded Just Quality International (JQI)in 2010.

His company has grown remarkably quickly with a 2016 Profit 500 ranking JQI number 4 on it’s list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. His company sources produce globally and sells packaged goods to grocery stores and restaurants in Canada.

Liu attributes the company’s growth to his knowledge of the industry and his transparent approach with suppliers and customers. Liu is armed with a commerce degree from the University of Toronto Mississauga but notes that his experience working in food distribution has contributed to this success.